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Colour me Gothic..


Happy Saturday Londonistas! I thought I’d do a style post today as it’s been a wee while since my last one.

I think any sort of outfit can make much more of a dramatic statement with the addition of one simple accessory – be it a statement piece of jewelry, shoes or, in my case today, a lipstick.

I don’t wear lipstick much.. Vaseline and Carmex is what my lips pucker up to on most occasions but today I decided my outfit called for something a little more daring..


Studded Denim Jacket, Topshop Outlet – £15 (Similar Here!), Crochet Skull Top, BullFrogs Boutique – £16.99 (Similar Here for £11.99!), Disco Pants, American Apparel – £74, Black Platform Boots, Topshop Outlet – £25

Even though we are technically in Spring now, true to English weather it is still absolutely freeeeezing – so the denim jack did have a fairly thick hoody go under it shortly after these photos were taken. I absolutely love the crotchet skull top which I found in a small boutique in Clapham two years ago and I teamed it up with my trusty Disco Pants. The shoes reminded me of Jeffery Campbell’s Lita and even though I purchased them a while ago, I haven’t really gotten much wear out of them but thought the wooden heel would compliment the rest of my outfit today. I wear them unzipped and folded over at the top since fully done up, they make my already skinny ankles look non existent. Not bad for £25 though considering they were £75 to start off with. I pulled my hair back into a super high, super slicked back pony tail and braved it with a deep shade of blood red on my lips to finish it off.

So, what do you guys think – Does the addition of the lipstick make a difference to the look overall?


Well I guess that’s all for today Londonistas! Hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Thanks for reading.. Until the next post!


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Throw Back Thursday.. #001


Good evening Londonistas!

So, most of you know what #TBT is.. but for those that happen to be a little less social media savvy it refers to a popular hashtag on Twitter & Instagram that occurs on every (You guessed it..) Thursday when users share a photo from back in the day in the name of indulging in a little nostalgia. Well, in the aim to get a little more consistency going on with my blog with regards to what I post on what days, I’ve decided to give my own Londonite version of TBT a go..

To start us off, I thought I’d share an outfit that was a favourite of mine a little less than a year ago. Animal print tops were all the rage and while most of my peers were spending top dolla to get that animal top that would stand out in a sea of similar ones, I paid a fairly modest price in comparison for mine. How much you ask? Go on.. Guess..

A staggering *drumroll pleaaassee* 50p! Yup, in a time where I can barely manage to buy a candy bar for half a quid I managed to bag myself a trendy top that is STILL in great condition, hanging up in my wardrobe. I bought the vest top in a sale in Primark and while I’m not THE biggest fan of Primark, since I try my best to be an ethical shopper and don’t really fancy wearing clothes that 50 other people will be wearing in a half a mile radius, I cannot deny that it is amazing for basics and for grabbing some seasonal trends at fractional prices.

I teamed my frugal find with my much loved American Apparel Disco Pants, some tribal bangles and a Topshop Fedora hat I bought for £1 at one of their Outlet stores.

So, what do you guys think? The outfit looks worth a little bit more than what I paid for it right?

Obviously given that I bought all of these items well over a year ago.. I found a few items similar to them instead!

Lion Vest  Disco PantBanglesHat 

Lion Vest Top, MaryJaneFashion – £4.99, Shiny Disco Pants, MissGuided – £25, Tribal Bangles, Chiara Fashion, £8, Fedora Hat, Topshop – £25

Well, I guess that’s all for tonight my lovely readers. Hope you enjoyed my first TBT post..

Thanks for reading Londonistas.. Until the next post!


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Meat Me at Midnight..


Good evening Londonistas! I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend and is not suffering from the Monday blues today..

So, a few days back I got a request from a very special reader and one of my clients to do a few more posts about food since they enjoyed reading about my experience at Burger & Lobster so much. Well, ask and you shall receive. I’ve been meaning to write about this place for a while now, since it happens to be my absolute favorite restaurant in London.

Who doesn’t love Italian food? It is a cuisine that is truly made with love and I have found no better example of this in action than at Osteria Dell’Arte on Clapham Common High Street.


Osteria is like my second home in Clapham.. Every special occasion over the last couple of years has been spent there; Birthdays, anniversaries.. even my first ever date with the love of my life.. and while he’d like to say it was my charm and wit that got him back out on a second date I think it had something more to do with the mouth watering Papperdelle Alla Salsiccia he ate. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all.


On this occasion, we walked in on a Saturday evening and as always, the place was buzzing. The quaint little venue is always brimming with a mix of people from a range of backgrounds; Antipodeans treating their stomachs with good quality grub before hitting the favored Aussie/Kiwi hotspot “Infernos” a few doors down to local art students who come to not only enjoy the cuisine but to take in the local art that Osteria takes pride in supporting and promoting to posh ‘Old town’ residents out in big groups catching up over an authentic Italian meal. One of my favorite things about this place is that whether it is your first visit or your 100th, you will always be treated like a family member. In a city where service is often cold and impersonal, the owners and staff at Osteria really take the time and effort to ensure that each one of their customers receives the best possible service. Ushered to our booth in a matter of moments, I scanned over the menu even though I already knew it off by heart..

For my starter I ordered the Bruschetta al
Pomodoro & while I was tempted to go for my usual choice for the main.. Linguine Granchio E Rucola, which is a fresh egg pasta with fresh scottish crab and wild rocket, I instead opted for the Bistecca Di Manzo; a Ribeye Steak with grilled spring onions, watercress and a Bearnaise sauce.


I must admit, I only really started eating steak just over a year ago. As a former vegetarian, I couldn’t possibly imagine anything worse than a dead, bloody piece of cow slapped on a plate in front of me.. but my wonderful partner in crime cooked me my first ever steak just over a year ago (In all fairness, he had to burn it to a crisp before I agreed to eat it but still) and since then, I have slowly but surely been acquiring the taste for a good piece of meat, becoming more and more adventurous with how I have it cooked. In this instance, I requested for it to be cooked Medium Well.. and it was perfection. Served with grilled spring onions and watercress, there was not a stochy potato or overcooked carrot in sight, letting the meat do all the talking and the understated sides acting solely to enhance the flavors of the rib-eye and the Bearnaise sauce.

When it comes to desert, Osteria has a modest selection but every single one of those options is delectable. My personal favorite (and all time favorite desert) is the creme brulee which is easily in my top five I have ever tasted. After finishing desert, we were offered a complimentary after dinner drink of our choice from a range of Italian spirits.

IMG_3230 IMG_3233

Expect to spend around £35 each for a three course meal and a glass of wine, take it up to £40 each if you would prefer to share a bottle.

If you are already a resident of the area, chances are I don’t have to convince you of giving this place a try since you most probably have already been there.. But no matter where in London you reside, if you are looking for an authentic Italian experience where you get exceptional service, atmosphere and most importantly, quality food for your money, you should definitely drop in. It’s rare to find a place that is less focused on promoting themselves and more about promoting a sense of family and community via their food and Osteria Dell’Arte are executing that sentiment with perfection.


Well, that’s all for tonight Londonistas! Until the next post!


Osteria Dell’Arte
126 Clapham High Street,London
020 7622 0452

A Touch of Sunshine..


Happy Saturday Londonistas!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend so far.. Despite the zero degree temperature, I must admit the little bit of sunshine definitely put a smile on my face today and more importantly, it was a perfect excuse for me to get my favorite floppy hat out again!

IMG_0008-003 IMG_0001-001IMG_9995-001IMG_0005-001IMG_0009-001IMG_9997-001IMG_9998-001IMG_0006-001IMG_0004-002IMG_0007-001

Grey felt floppy hat, c/o Ebay Fashion, Blue chiffon top, Primark – £5.99, Black Skinny Jeans, River Island – £35, Grey Snood, Topman sale– £10.00, OTKBs, Topshop Outlet – £25, Tribal Cuff, acquired on travels, Necklace, c/o Forever 21

I absolutely fell in love with this hat when I saw it at The Apartment last season, it is perfect for adding on a touch of glamour to any outfit in any season! Ebay Fashion is amazing isn’t it? Why spend a fortune when you can buy any brand or seasonal trend at a fraction of the price? I teamed up my Ebay beauty with a simple chiffon top I bought from Primark well over a year ago since I think Blue and Grey compliment each other really well, slipped on some skinnys, my trusty OTKB’s, a touch of jewelry and added a snood to finish it off (and to keep me from freezing..).

How did you all spend this fine, sort of sunny day we had today?

Well, that’s all from me for today.. Have a great weekend Londonistas! Until the next post!


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