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There are moments in your life when you know you are in the presence of something big, something monumental.. for me, one of these occasions happened to be the YOUNG BLOOD launch by Mayada Khammu at The Wellington Club.

Having already gained exposure through the likes of The Daily Mail, The Guardian and the Huff, not to mention celebrity clientele like Rita Ora & Angel Haze, YOUNG BLOOD is fast gaining momentum and I was thrilled when I got invited to the launch.

In Khammu‘s own words, her brand is “..a reflection of the political voice of 2nd generation British-Arabs. As the dictators had their rise in the 80s, their fall is now with the Arab Spring, as the young generation is fighting against the old constraints and shaping a new reality”.

“We want to hold on to our Arabic culture, while at the same time moving forward with the times”.

As a British born South Asian girl myself, I really identify with Mayada‘s message… and can’t help but root her on. Arab, Pakistani & Indian girls in this country have struggled over generations to hold onto their roots whilst immersing themselves in the culture of a fast paced Western World.. Mayada, however, finds that balance perfectly in her collection through a mix of traditional techniques and modern materials. To me, her bold pieces speak of changing times, breaking stereotypes, evolving cultures and how, through the ashes of The Fallen, Young Blood will rise..

Check out my photo’s from the highly impressive launch night in the effortlessly cool Welly Club..

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That’s all for today Londonistas.. Thanks for reading! Until the next post..


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