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That’s a Wrap!

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Good morning all!

Well, it’s official.. The ‘Ultimate Referee’ challenge is over. The image above is just a little hint of what went into my summary video.. a sequel to my Harlem Shake!

I am so grateful to have had this amazing opportunity to get into the second stage of the competition. Over the course of our two week challenge, I’ve gotten to know some of my competitors a litte better and I’m so pleased to say that even If I don’t make it into the final 3, I’ve made a friend out of this!

I thought I would feel a sense of relief as my fingers hovered over the ‘send’ button last night, seconds away from submitting the documents that summarised two weeks of passion, dedication and ambition into a mere 18 pages and two and a half minutes of footage. But I didn’t. A wave of emotions rushed through me; Yes, relief, for having completed my report with hours to spare.. Pride, for all that I had managed to achieve in such a short space of time and a little hint of anxiety, thinking this may well be my last contribution to this amazing campaign.

The last two weeks have been truly amazing. It’s been overwhelming the amount of support I have recieved from family, friends, accquaintences and even complete strangers! This past fortnight has taught just how kind and selfless people can be in your time of need. So, for all of you that took the time to help me try and get a step closer to the job of my dreams, I sincerely thank you.

I took a risky approach to my campaign and whether it will pay off or not, we won’t know until the 15th but it has been an ABSOLUTE blast.. Filming the Funster Shake on the London Underground will forever be one of my fondest memeories. A huge thank you to Tourism Australia for giving me this life changing opportunity!

Now we play the waiting game..

In other news, for obvious reasons, my social calendar has consisted of tumbleweeds over the last two weeks but I am making up for lost time and going to some awesome events this week, so look out for regular updates over the next few days and a style post later tonight! Here’s a little preview..


That’s all for today my Londonistas..

Thanks for reading.. until the next post!


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Sydney State of Mind..


Good evening Londonistas.. (& for those of you from around the world.. My Globalistas!)

Thought I’d do a quick style post tonight, despite only having Sydney and my ‘Chief Funster‘ Campaign on the brain. I wore a new Zara dress for the first time today.. so what better reason would I need to share the love?

IMG_0517-002 IMG_0525-001IMG_0533  IMG_0535-001 IMG_0539-001

Turquoise Bodycon Dress, ZARA – £29.99,  Gold Tribal Necklace, Primark– £4.00, Jasper Conran Heels, Debenhams – Old,  Bangles, Primark & Local Charity Shop

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it hanging on a rail in Zara. I was lucky enough to get the last one! I absolutely LOVE everything about it.. the colour, the fit, the length and especially the gorgeous embroidery. I teamed it up with hints of gold and brown with some wooden bangles and despite the sun making an appearance today, the chilly breeze meant I needed to add on some thights in order to not freeze!

For those of you keeping an eye on my Funster campaign, thank you for all your love and support thus far. I’ve got my Ultimate Referee secured, but for various reason I’m not going to annouce it just yet. But here’s a hint.. If the job title is Social Media Commentator, what better reference could you get than a Social Media Giant themselves, right?

I’ve got another surprise for you guys tomorrow.. but you’ll just have to wait until then! ;)

And with that, that’s all for tonight my Globalistas!

Thanks for reading.. Until the next post!


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