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Where does the weekend go ay? With Xmas fast approaching, every free moment I have seems to be a blur, but I made sure to spend some quality ‘ME’ time this morning with a few of my favorite things..

Look out for a few updates later in the day.. but for now, I need to go get my cook on as my house is having a Christmas party tonight!


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Feeling slightly ghetto fabulous in this ensemble.. but hey, isn’t life all about stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while?

I fell in love with this beanie from River Island.. the colour was simply gorgeous! If I am going to give myself severe hat hair these days, may as well do it in style. I bagged that beaut in the River Island sale.. and you can still buy it on the site for just a fiver! I teamed it up with a gorgeous silk bomber c/o of Missbehaver in a paisley print, my fav pair of Levi’s (Yes – I am practically living in them at the moment) and a pair of suede sneaker wedges from Zara. To finish the look off, I grabbed a few eye-catching spiked bracelets c/o Claire’s and my amazing arty ring from Saint Laurent.

The only thing I’m missing is a Boom Box on my shoulder and I am ready to go.. ;)


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Blue Steel

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Nothing beats an all black ensemble right? About 80% of my wardrobe is black and no matter how hard I try.. I just keep buying more and more of it. My favorite thing about wearing all black is accessorizing! Since everything goes, the possibilities are endless!

Today I paired up my black disco pants from American Apparel with a plain black vest and dinner jacket from H&M. For a bit of life and colour, I accessorized with a beautiful blue gemstone and silver necklace from Zara and my KILLER cobalt shoes from Ziggy Soho (via Secret Sales) that happen to have the most intense steel pencil heel ever!! To finish the look off I grabbed a black and steel flap bag and my amazing new mirrored Ray-Bans from ASOS and voila! So.. What do you think?

That’s where I’ll leave you today my loves.. lots to do and not enough time to do it in.. The weekends sure do fly by!

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Thanks for reading lovelies.. Until the next post!


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Dear December

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Truly feeling the winter chills this weekend! It is most definitely sweater weather. Today, I teamed up a black polo-neck jumper from H&M with my FAVORITE pair of Levi’s and my Celine bag. At a tiny 5’4, some jumpers tend to make me look a little frumpy so I decided to complete the look with the AMAZING Rebecca Stella for Nelly platforms to not only add an extra 5 inches to my silhouette but to also detract from the top half of my outfit. Oh and did I mention I bagged those beauts for under a tenner??

Hope you guys are keeping warm and enjoying the build up to Xmas! I know I’ve been a little quiet but only because I’ve been working on some uber exciting project! Watch this space!

Happy Saturday my loves!


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