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Nautical Notion

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So it seems that no matter what part of the world I end up in, the bad weather just can’t help but follow me! ;)

So after 3 days of hardcore rain, a sunny day on the central coast truly did not disappoint and I FINALLY got to adorn my larger than life sunhat from H&M…

AW4A6638AW4A6619 AW4A6633 AW4A6659 AW4A6642

I love hats and the wider the brim, the better but I am aware that as far as practicality goes, such an ‘out there’ accessory may not be for everyone, so I found a similar hat with a smaller brim from J.Crew that I’ve linked below. My gorgeous hat, on the other hand, is from H&M and not available on the website for some reason but there were plenty in the Knightsbridge store a few days ago for £25 so if you’re after a bit of statement head wear, I’d say enquire within your local H&M :)

As the hat really does all the talking, I decided to keep the rest of the ensemble fairly simple. I wore a gorgeous navy open leg maxi skirt with a white crop top, both from Topshop and teamed them up with my beautiful soft camel coloured clutch from NEXT and some tan wedges from Bershka . To finish the look off, I grabbed a couple of tan straw bangles and a statement necklace from Secret Sales.

So what do you think? Would you wear the hat or prefer to go for one that’s a little less in your face, literally. :P

Thanks for reading, until the next post!


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With Love, Priscilla May…


Good day my lovely Londonistas! I’d like to wish you both a happy Valentines day and more importantly, a happy start to London Fashion Week.

I’d be lying if I said I’m fond of holidays like Valentine’s day.. don’t get me wrong I am all for celebrating the people we love and reminding them how much we care about them. I just don’t think we need a particular day to do it.. ;)

What I am fond of, however, is good baking.. and in particular, delicious home-baked goodness from Priscilla May’s.

Having heard about the launch of this venture, I had a quick glance at the menu and was blown away by the unique combination of flavours listed… Turkish delight? Burnt Orange Creme Brulee?? In a pie? Having thoroughly grabbed my attention, I sat down with owner Nina Singh for a quick chat and a DELISH sampling session.

“Priscilla May was born out of two things, my love of baking and my love of my Nana. Priscilla May is actually my Grandmothers name. She was the most amazing Nana in the world and this is my tribute to her. Currently the most popular baking trends in the UK are not actually British at all, Cronuts, Macaroons, Whoopie Pies… are all American. So I decided to do something which can be just as versatile as a cupcake, maybe not as pretty but equally as a charming.. and quintessentially British – Pies”.

AW4A6296 AW4A6286 AW4A6303

And charming they certainly are..

I loved everything about Priscilla May‘s pies.. you can see that each mini pie is made with love. Nina made sure to keep the classics on the menu; Apple, Cherry, Bakewell but mixes it up with a range of unique flavours on her menu..

My favorites were definitely the PB&C.. That’s a chocolate custard on a layer of peanut butter in a peanut pastry (TO DIE FOR) and the Blood Orange Creme Brulee, which is a vanilla creme with a crunchy blood orange brulee on top.

One which definitely surprised me was the Turkish delight, not a flavour I’ve ever been fond of.. but the combination of fresh raspberries, pistachios and rose flavoured frangipan is truly out of this world. Another stand out item from the menu are the beautiful, hand crafted roses made from apples sat on a cinnamon custard base.. so yum.

“My mini pies, are here to create a dent in the cupcake dominated market. Bringing Great British Baking back to British ideas! England has fallen out of love with pies, they are surrounded by much slander “who ate all the pies,” I am hoping to return some of that love to its rightful place.”

I couldn’t agree with Nina more.. beyond being absolutely delicious, I found Priscilla May pies to be a real conversation starter between The Londonite tasting team! We all had our opinions on what flavours worked and what reminded us of our childhoods and brought back cherished memories!

Be sure to check out the menu and treat yourself or your loved ones to some divine tasting mini-pies!


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I’m soooo over the moon about the fact that we’ve had some actual sunshine over the last few days.. hooray!

Just a quick update today as I have some incredibly exciting things in the works at the moment that are keeping me pretty busy but you’ll just have to wait and see what they are.. ;)

My love for Motel only grows with each amazing item I try and this gorgeous turtleneck mini dress is no exception.

IMG_5930 IMG_5913  IMG_5940 IMG_5959

I adore this dress. The all over print is amazing and the colour is just divine! The dress fits like a glove and the sturdy material is really good at pulling in any lumps and bumps. ;)

The dress really speaks for itself so I kept accessorising to a minimum. I teamed it up with my faithful black platforms from Office, a bowler hat from ASOS and an ethnic cuff I picked up on my travels in South East Asia!  I grabbed a studded black leather jacket from TK MAXX for warmth and.. voila!

So.. what do you think?


Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 17.40.29

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 19.06.221185802687_z1Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 19.55.15Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 19.14.00

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It may not feel like Spring just yet but it certainly did look like it on Sunday.. and I couldn’t help but dress up just a little courtesy of Motel..

IMG_6077 IMG_6032 IMG_6025IMG_6140

What I absolutely loved about this jumpsuit is it’s versatility. Dress it down with a pair of converses or in this case, glam it up with a pair of killer heels.. it works!

The cut out shoulders give it a real oomph factor and the loose fit is great for flattering you in all the right places. I definitely think this will be a firm fav in my wardrobe over the next few months..

I paired the jumpsuit with some gorgeous gladiator style heels I bought in a Topshop sale a few years ago, a gorgeous YSL arty ring, a black YSL chain bag and a pair of blue mirrored Ray Ban aviators. To finish off, I put my hair up in messy bun and grabbed a gold cuff for an added splash of gold. ;)

I just love the combination of black and gold.. so stunning, don’t you think?


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