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Like most girls, I’ve always had a passion for makeup – I love experimenting with different looks, trying out new products and drooling over the skill that some bloggers naturally possess by watching countless YouTube tutorials. Clearly not a pro but not exactly considering myself a novice, I’d labelled myself as a ‘make-up enthusiast’. With that in mind, I was completely over the moon when I was contacted by celebrity make-up artist, Natasha S, about the launch of ‘Facetools’.

Job_2832-1About 4 months ago, I sat down for a cup of coffee with Natasha in Selfridges and the first thing that struck me about her was how strikingly beautiful she was. The globe-trotting MUA is a natural beauty who’s skills were hard to doubt judging by her own flawless makeup. The second thing that really stood out to me was how incredibly warm she was. Five minutes in to the conversation and I already felt like I’d known her for years! Coffee’s and cake ordered, we got straight down to business.. Job_2550-2Over the years working with various clients, Natasha was constantly being asked the question of what brushes she would recommend that would not only be great quality but wouldn’t end up breaking the bank. Having no answer for them, she decided to create brushes of her own and thus, ‘Facetools’ were born. Natasha created a set of 13 brushes in a black leather cylinder made up of the finest quality goat, sable and synthetic hair. The clever design means that the case opens up and sits on any surface – great for doing your makeup on the go! Job_2559-EditBased on the success the brushes had with her own clients, Natasha decided to branch out and launch Facetools globally.

According to Natasha, the secret lies in the cleansing formula where, before the brushes are assembled, the bristles are soaked in olive oil to soften them and then infused with Rose & Chamomile extract making them gentle on even the most sensitive skin types.

IMG_9912-1 But the proof is in the pudding.. All those months ago, Natasha handed me my own set of Facetools which I have been using every day since and I am convinced that she is on to a game changer. At £175 (2,300 HKD) for the entire set, that works out to be a mere £13.40 per brush.. which is INSANE for the quality you are receiving.


SO, considering the brushes have only JUST been released to the public, I HAD to do a post to share them with y’all. You can buy the brushes directly from the Facetools website and shipping is free worldwide. :) You can thank me later..

Until the next post..


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1. A spot of pre travel shopping at Westfield London. 2. I received the most AMAZING package from one of my favorite online stores, Secret Sales, shortly before my flight! Made my day/week/month! 3. My find of the week! This stunning necklace from Zara looks worth way more than just the 20 quid I paid for it and is certain to dress up any outfit. 4. Ready for a long flight with copies of Vogue, Elle & Harper’s Bazaar. 5. One of Lahore PK’s standout private boutiques, La Societe. I had to be dragged away from a gold Stella McCartney bag shortley after this gram was taken! 6. What would an Instagram post be without a selfie? 7. A well needed sugar rush after a long day! If you haven’t tried Cinnabon, you simply haven’t lived. 8. I admit it, I spoilt myself a little at Abu Dhabi Duty Free! My fav buys were a pair of YSL lippes! 9. A bit of Monday morning Inspo! In the words of Frank Ocean, “Work hard in silence, let success be your noise”. 10. Finally, I treated myself to a couple of pairs of Levi’s today. :)

As some of you know, I’m away from lovely London for the next 10 days and internet access has been sporadic over the last few days.. so I thought I’d give you a quick update through the eyes of Instagram! I am back on WiFi as of tomorrow and have a few exciting posts coming your way.. including my first ever give away and a make up tutorial!

Keep your eyes peeled for a super exciting post tomorrow..

Thanks for reading lovelies!

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Colour me Gothic..


Happy Saturday Londonistas! I thought I’d do a style post today as it’s been a wee while since my last one.

I think any sort of outfit can make much more of a dramatic statement with the addition of one simple accessory – be it a statement piece of jewelry, shoes or, in my case today, a lipstick.

I don’t wear lipstick much.. Vaseline and Carmex is what my lips pucker up to on most occasions but today I decided my outfit called for something a little more daring..


Studded Denim Jacket, Topshop Outlet – £15 (Similar Here!), Crochet Skull Top, BullFrogs Boutique – £16.99 (Similar Here for £11.99!), Disco Pants, American Apparel – £74, Black Platform Boots, Topshop Outlet – £25

Even though we are technically in Spring now, true to English weather it is still absolutely freeeeezing – so the denim jack did have a fairly thick hoody go under it shortly after these photos were taken. I absolutely love the crotchet skull top which I found in a small boutique in Clapham two years ago and I teamed it up with my trusty Disco Pants. The shoes reminded me of Jeffery Campbell’s Lita and even though I purchased them a while ago, I haven’t really gotten much wear out of them but thought the wooden heel would compliment the rest of my outfit today. I wear them unzipped and folded over at the top since fully done up, they make my already skinny ankles look non existent. Not bad for £25 though considering they were £75 to start off with. I pulled my hair back into a super high, super slicked back pony tail and braved it with a deep shade of blood red on my lips to finish it off.

So, what do you guys think – Does the addition of the lipstick make a difference to the look overall?


Well I guess that’s all for today Londonistas! Hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Thanks for reading.. Until the next post!


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February Flashback..

Good Evening Londonistas,

As of tomorrow, we are already three months into 2013. How depressing. When I was younger, time just couldn’t pass by quick enough.. As soon as one birthday would pass I would start marking off days on my calendar, impatiently waiting for the next.. whereas now, I find myself wanting to freeze time and enjoy every moment of every day just that little bit longer. However, before I veer off into a rant which will only indicate how close I am to suffering from a quarter life crises, lets move onto something a little more uplifting..

February has been an absolutely amazing month mostly because of my time spent at The Apartment. While it was hard work and at times, intense, after recuperating and reflecting I really do appreciate what an amazing and rewarding opportunity it was. Mostly, because I was there to witness the hard work and passionate venture of my good friend, Abimarvel, come to fruition and also because I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people including Van, Toni, Ngoni and work for another season alongside the beautiful Chimmy. I also got to be surrounded by some amazing brands while I was there including Windows, Debenhams, Claires, Velsvoir, Next & John Frieda.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I thought I’d let my instagram images from the month do the rest of the talking..


I guess another great thing about February was that I FINALLY got this blog up and running.. It’s still early days but thank you to everyone for all the encouragement and support, I really appreciate it!

Now, enough of this soppyness. Thanks for reading folks!

Until the next post!


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