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Just to say Thank You!

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As I’ve been without WiFi at home over the last few days, I am pretty guilt ridden about not having updated this week.. but just as a little thank you for all the love, support and encouragement I have received via The Londonite over the last 11 months, I thought I’d do a little giveaway!

Click on the image above or here to go to my Facebook page to enter!

Winner will be announced on Monday the 20th of January

Good luck!!


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Where does the weekend go ay? With Xmas fast approaching, every free moment I have seems to be a blur, but I made sure to spend some quality ‘ME’ time this morning with a few of my favorite things..

Look out for a few updates later in the day.. but for now, I need to go get my cook on as my house is having a Christmas party tonight!


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A little bit of Love..

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If you follow me on instagram, you’ll already be aware that I was on a food snapping spree during my time in Abu Dhabi.. I was in FOODIE heaven! But, believe me when I tell you my lovely readers, I truly saved the best for last. ;)


I have no other way of describing ‘Love Doughnuts’ other than a Designer Gourmet Bakery.. Everything from the quality of their products to the variety of their menu to the detail in their branding and packaging sets them leagues apart from everyone else in their field.

Check out a few of their delicious offerings below.

WARNING: The following images may make you drool..

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With a menu that changes weekly, Love Doughnuts are bound to tantalize your taste buds and broaden your horizons with their sometimes mind-blowing combination of flavours.  For the lover of the classics, they have the Bavarians, Glazed and the Boston Creams and such but for the adventure seekers.. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Peaches & Green Chillies, Green Tea & Black Pepper, Creme Brulee, Gianduja & Feuilletine & my personal favorite, Cheesecake Wasabi are but a few of the gourmet fillings you can sink your teeth into. What’s amazing about these doughnuts is that unlike most of the other doughnut retailers, the dough is light and fluffy and doesn’t weigh your stomach down after a couple.. the downside to that of course is that your diet goes out the window after the third or fourth.

If by this point you wouldn’t already be on a #foodporn hashtagging frenzy, they also have a range of traditional mouth-watering gelato that you can enjoy on its own, in a milkshake or.. get ready for it.. in a Gelato Sandwich. Yes you heard right, you pick your favorite flavour which Love Doughnuts then slap bang in the middle of a sliced hot cottony doughnut.


What really stood out for me at LD, apart from the sheer quality of the food is the finesse involved in every aspect of the brand. From the moment you walk in you can really feel the passion, enthusiasm and sheer love poured into every little detail.

If you’re lucky enough to reside in Abu Dhabi, then why not do as Love Doughnuts tells you and “Feed your Soul”? You can find them at Guardian Towers or have them deliver to your doorstep!

For more info, you can visit the Love Doughnuts website or I’ve listed their contact details below!

Well there you go lovely readers, now that I’ve left you suitably hungry, I shall bid you adieu.

Thanks for reading.. until the next post!


Shop No. 10
Guardian Towers
Abu Dhabi UAE

Tel: +971 (0)2 446 6240

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Secret Sales

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last couple of years, I’m pretty sure you’re already familiar with Secret Sales BUT in case you have just risen from some sort of food induced coma which kept you out of the loop, get ready to thank me for a long long time. Let me introduce you to the best thing to happen to the online retail industry EVER. is a members only website that provides you with luxury goods at discounted prices. Hold up, I don’t mean some B rate brands that are trying to pass themselves off as ‘designer’ goods, we are talking about the real deal here. Chanel, Michael Kors, Prada, Guiseppe Zannotti, Jimmy Choo, Ray Ban’s.. you name it, they have it. Sounds amazing right? Well it is! The only downside is, that other people might beat you to the purchase so it really is about bagging a bargain as soon as you see it! When it comes to designer bag sales they literally go within minutes! The good news is though that SS have fabulous new sales every day so if you miss out on a bargain, you’re bound to find something else drool worthy the very next day!

Case in point, their 24 hour boot sale that is starting this very minute! With the ferocious winter weather creeping upon us, Secret Sales are giving you the opportunity to face the bitter cold in serious style with a selection of beautiful boots at blasphemous prices!

As a HUGE fan of the site, I am also delighted to tell you guys that I am currently featured on The Secret as a Guest Editor for this particular sale..

Check out my top 6 picks from the 24 hour boot sale!

1 254337_Jeffrey Campbell    Jeffrey Campbell, Loza beige ponyskin ankle boots, 36% off – Now £89.00, was £138.00

I fell in love with these Jeffrey Campbell ponyskin ankle boots the moment I laid eyes on them. They are sure to make any ensemble pop this season. Team them up with black jeans and a denim shirt for an effortlessly chic look –  Definitely my top pick!

2 277332_Giuseppe Zanotti4 283173_JEFFREY CAMPBELL

Giuseppe Zanotti, Leopard print leather ankle boots, 60% off – Now £279.00, was £696.00

Jeffrey Campbell, Avalos black leather boots, 53% off – Now £79.00, was £166.00

Printed boots are an absolute MUST this season and these leopard print Giuseppe Zanotti are bound to turn heads! They would be perfect for the winter and a must have for any shoedrobe!

Most of you are already aware of my love for studs and spikes so it really was a no brainer when it came to these JC leather boots. Team with a Biker Jacket & stand out from the crowd this winter!

3 277350_Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana, Beige suede knee-high boots, 52% off – Now £299.00, was £621.00

Stay both comfortable and chic in these gorgeous tan suede Dolce & Gabbana knee high boots. Tall boots are a must over winter and the beautiful colour of these babies would be sure to dress up a simple jean and jumper combo!

5 301021_EMU 6 301445_Carvela

EMU Australia, Women’s Stinger Mini cobalt boots, 61% off – Now £49.00, was £125.00

Carvela Kurt Geiger, Pippa black leather boots, 50% off – Now £99.00, was £195.00

Comfort without sacrificing the glamor! These EMU mini booties in cobalt tick all the right boxes for winter as they are water resistant and in the ‘IT’ colour of the season! I happen to have a pair myself so just had to share the love ;)

The gold buckle detail on these Carvela boots really adds a much needed edge for winter. A pair of good quality black boots are essential every winter and these bad boys would be perfect to dress up any casual outfit this season.

Thanks for reading.. until the next post!


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