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February Flashback..

Good Evening Londonistas,

As of tomorrow, we are already three months into 2013. How depressing. When I was younger, time just couldn’t pass by quick enough.. As soon as one birthday would pass I would start marking off days on my calendar, impatiently waiting for the next.. whereas now, I find myself wanting to freeze time and enjoy every moment of every day just that little bit longer. However, before I veer off into a rant which will only indicate how close I am to suffering from a quarter life crises, lets move onto something a little more uplifting..

February has been an absolutely amazing month mostly because of my time spent at The Apartment. While it was hard work and at times, intense, after recuperating and reflecting I really do appreciate what an amazing and rewarding opportunity it was. Mostly, because I was there to witness the hard work and passionate venture of my good friend, Abimarvel, come to fruition and also because I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people including Van, Toni, Ngoni and work for another season alongside the beautiful Chimmy. I also got to be surrounded by some amazing brands while I was there including Windows, Debenhams, Claires, Velsvoir, Next & John Frieda.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I thought I’d let my instagram images from the month do the rest of the talking..


I guess another great thing about February was that I FINALLY got this blog up and running.. It’s still early days but thank you to everyone for all the encouragement and support, I really appreciate it!

Now, enough of this soppyness. Thanks for reading folks!

Until the next post!


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A Winter Wonder..


Every Autumn, I set out on a mission to find myself the PERFECT Black Coat for Winter.. Well, over the last five years, I have repeatedly failed this seemingly simple task. Why, you ask? Could it be because a lot of High Street stores don’t seem to cater elegant black coats for my shape and size? No, it’s not that. Is it because good coats in small sizes sell out faster than a Jimmy Choo for H&M/Target/Asda collection? Not entirely. Is it because I have the attention span of a gold fish and am distracted by anything shiny? Yes, that’s exactly it..

Unfortunately, every time I set out to buy a sensible coat I end up coming home with something completely impractical and physically incapable of keeping me even remotely warm.. and every time I tell myself “Next year, I will be smart and buy something sensible..”. This year, I was determined to find what I have been after for a very,very long time. So Autumn came along and I set out onto Windsor high street, nipping in and out of every retailer until I walked into Zara and there it was in front me; The PERFECT black coat. It was the perfect length, a lush material, beautifully tailored and within my budget. Did I buy it? Did I heck! I bought the Beige Quilted Trench Coat that was hung next to it!


Quilted Trench Coat, Zara – £119 (Now £29.99!), Animal Print Scarf, GAP– £19.95, Black Skinny Jeans, Old Navy – £12.86, Black Lleather Shopper, BullFrogs – £26.99, Faux Fur Hat, Winter Markets – £25, Tan Leather Gloves, Winter Markets –  £6.99, Black Racer back Vest, H&M –  £4.99, Brown Slouchy Boots, TK MAXX –  £19.99 (OLD)

 Does it keep me warm? Not really.. but I still absolutely love it. The detailing in the shoulders and the buttons along with the feel and look of the material made it look a lot more expensive than the 120 quid I paid for it. It was a no brainer, my black coat would have to wait till next year!

Since it’s purchase I actually didn’t get to wear it that much since it just wasn’t practical and I didn’t really fancy freezing to death but the other day I decided to bust it out on a trip round town. I tend to wear a lot of black and jazz up my outfits with various accessories. I teamed my black skinnies with a plain back vest and cardigan and then added on the hat which has a hint of brown in the white fur, which went well with the gloves and boots! My new neon green and brown scarf from GAP was the perfect accessory to add on a splash of colour!

Apart from milling around the Tate and getting a bit of retail therapy done, I also stepped into Wagamama’s to continue my journey of trying to find something tastier on their menu than the heavenly Chicken Katsu Curry. I had a a chilli beef ramen noodle dish and we ordered the katsu curry as well because it wouldn’t make sense to not have it on the table. While the beef was tender and the broth was flavoursum.. the Katsu Curry kicked it’s ass like you wouldn’t believe. I still have a fair few dishes to get through on the menu though.. so who knows.. maybe next time.

IMG_9915-1 IMG_9905-1IMG_9911-1  IMG_9911-2IMG_9900-1

So, I guess I will leave it there for today. Thanks for reading Londonistas!

Until the next post!


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This is how we (lobster) roll..

Burger & Lobster is a place that has been on my “To do” list since the day it opened but for one reason or another, whenever I planned to go there it just didn’t happen.. So when a friend called me up to say he was popping down from Paris for the day and wanted to have lunch, I knew this was where I was going to take him. Obviously considering the small chain has been open since late 2011, I’m a bit late in getting there but thought I’d share my experience none the less.


When you walk in you immediately get the vibe that you are stepping into a Soho trend spot – Exposed bricks and bulbs, red leather booths, crowded bar and a loud and jaunty atmosphere from a mix of clientele; the creative advertising types, the west end suited slickers, trendy Soho kids and even a few celebs in the mix (I was sat in a booth next to Joey & Sam from The Only Way is Essex – OK, Z List Celebs.. but still!)

8095009731_126e7dcb26 DSC_0001 picture-0091

Arriving at 2.00 PM on a weekday I wasn’t expecting to have to stand outside in a queue with an approx. 90 minute wait as most would have to do on a weekend, but the place was still completely packed. Always a great sign. We were told we would have to wait around 25 minutes so I headed to the bar to order my friends some drinks until a table became available. Walking up to the bar I was dreading getting served since I had to squeeze into a small spot and was wondering how I would possibly get noticed in such a crowd when literally, as soon as my hand touched the bar, one of the bartenders placed a serviette in front of me, asked me how I was and what I would like to order. They have a variety of beers that are well priced and an impressive cocktail list at about £10 each. After ordering two Asahi’s and a Diet Coke, I got a polite tap on the shoulder to let me know our table was ready. Pretty sure we only waited 8 minutes! Amazing.

There’s no menu at Burger & Lobster, just various chalkboards with drawings of burgers and (you guessed it..) lobsters! Our server came over and talked us through the 3 choices.. A beef burger, a steamed/grilled lobster or a lobster roll.. all served with fries and salad and an optional garlic butter with the lobster choices. Having heard so much about it from friends I was already set on the Lobster Roll. My friends seemed unconvinced but decided to go for the same. The food came out not long after but I suppose that is the benefit of having such a minimalist menu! When our platters we set down in front of us, all three of us could not help but to go “Wow”. IMG_3188

The lobster is served in a toasted brioche like roll, an optional garlic butter, a mound of slinky fries and a small salad. You will not go hungry here!

Each item costs £20. Now, even for Soho, £20 does seem quite steep for a burger and fries. Having spoken to a few people, they say considering how big the portion is and how delicious it is makes up for it is. The lobster dishes seem like more bang for your buck. I can vouch for how absolutely delicious it was.. tender and the garlic butter complimented it perfectly. The fries were well cooked and the salad was a refreshing addition to the platter.

Expect to pay around £25 – £30 (incl. service charge) per head if you are drinking beer or soft drinks and skipping dessert, stick in an additional £15-20 if you’re drinking cocktails. The service is impeccable, the staff are friendly and helpful and the food.. is just.. Fabulous. Book in advance if there are 6 or more of you.. otherwise get there early to avoid queuing for hours!

One other note: Avoid going there if you are on a first date or in the early stages of a romance. As my friend so eloquently put it – “There was a mix of so many people in there; rich, posh, average joe’s.. but when you can’t figure out how to eat your lobster roll without making a mess.. we are all the same.”

IMG_3194-3 IMG_3195-2

Definitely will be going back there very soon.

Thanks for reading Londonistas!


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