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DPP_0012A few days ago, I ‘ducked’ into the hippest new blow dry bar in town – Duck & Dry. Located in the heart of London’s most coveted postcode, D&D offers more than just the best blow dry in London – it’s about the overall experience they go out of their way to provide their clients.

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Walking in, the first thing that stood out to me was the unique and beautifully decorated space smack bang in the middle of King’s Road, with it’s modern and inviting interior and lots of attention to detail.

The idea behind Duck and Dry was to provide an accessible everyday hair styling solution at an affordable price and it certainly does achieve that. I love that they really focus on providing an overall experience that is so much more than just the hair do. All around me, clients in chairs with a glass of champers in their hand and their stylists were laughing and chatting away. It’s the social aspect that D&D bring to their service that really makes it stand out above the rest. It’s the perfect spot to head to with your mum for a pamper session or a group of girlfriends before a big night out – cocktails and catchup’s while you get your hair did, sounds pretty good no?

Browsing through their beautiful leather bound list of services, I was amazed at how affordable they were – for £28 you get a hair wash and one of their 8 signature blow dry’s or an updo for £35, all while in the capable hands of their senior stylists. You could also opt for a hair treatment or a trim before your do too, pretty much a one stop shop for your locks! A selection of drinks and nibbles are also available at their bar whether it’s prosecco you fancy, a caffeine pick me up or some popcorn!

I met my stylist for the day, Kirsty O’Brien and decided to opt for the high tide waves. Kirsty washed my hair with some of D&D’s hand picked products and I pretty much fell asleep during the shampoo because oh my god, it was amazing. Magic hands Kirsty!

I always find it awkward making small talk but Kirsty was soo easy to talk to – her infectious laugh and super friendly manner had me chatting away non stop. Poor Kirsty, not only did she have to deal with my endless mop of hair but my terrible jokes too but she handled both like a pro :) After Kirsty blow dried my hair straight, I could already see the difference in my hair with the products she had used to wash it – it was shinier and softer to the touch. She then proceeded to style it and I was completely in love with the finished product. You guys know how much I love big hair and it certainly had that va va voom factor going on – and the  best bit? Here I am 3 days later and my hair still looks pretty damn good. Thank you to Kirsty and Fatima and everyone who made my trip to Duck & Dry so fabulous..

Make sure you Duck in the next time you’re in the area, whether it’s to get your hair did or to check out one of their awesome pop up events..

Duck & Dry
335 King’s Road, Greater London
020 3489 9370

Some of you may know that I have been gearing up to make the move over to YouTube recently.. I’m not sure what it is that’s been holding me back – feeling like I’m not quite ready, my hectic schedule or fear of failure but whatever it is, I have been practicing my editing skills with little instagram video’s lately and thanks so much for all the great feedback! Here’s the 15 sec BTS clip from my time at Duck & Dry..

Thanks for reading my lovelies.. until the next post!


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