Day 2 at TFPW was easily my favorite. Half of the collections shown on the night were my top pics from throughout the week and the line up was delivering stunning after stunning designs.. for the most part anyway.

Before we get into it though, let’s take a quick look at my attire for the second day.. KR__4992_5832(1)KR__4942_5783(1)IMG_0136-1

You’ll find that as the days go on, there will be less pictures of me.. which is pretty shocking considering I’m always making sure I get my photos done, haha – the downside of not having my amazing beautographer with me, I suppose.  My days were so full on in a great way, I barely got a second to think and the moment you step onto that red carpet, even though the entire time is spent having your photos taken – you never get around to getting photos done with your own camera. God knows where the pro pics ended up so for now, let’s just make do with the ones above. I wore a well fitted pair of black jeans with a black vest top and a powder blue sleeveless duster jacket on top. I added nude caged shoes and a nude soft clutch and a camel fedora. Finally, I added a couple of silver accessories to finish the look off – very simple and chic.

So.. down to business. The shows on Day 2 were:




01SanamChaudhri 39SanamChaudhri 29SanamChaudhri 17SanamChaudhri 41SanamChaudhri

Before I get to my thoughts on her collection, I randomly met Sanam on the morning of Day 1, when the hustle and bustle of setting up was in full swing and I was walking aimlessly around the venue, taking in my surroundings. Sanam asked me how I was doing and if I was comfortable.. and the first thing that struck me about her is how incredibly beautiful Sanam is – a tall, stunning woman with an air of elegance and grace that surrounds her. You know you hear about those people with the amazing aura’s? Yeah, well she’s definitely one of those.. someone you immediately find yourself drawn to. I guess that moment stood out to me since no matter what part of the world you’re in, fashion is a cut throat industry and as an outsider coming in to attend the shows, you appreciate the moments where you meet genuinely nice people and Sanam was probably one of my favorites from my trip – her warm and friendly personality not to mention impeccable sense of style completely won me over. (Am I totally fan girl-ing right now? Lol)

Sanam’s Zingara collection was stunning.. channeling ‘gypsy chic’ vibes, the colours ranged from muted greys to browns to pink and blue hues. As far as I’m concerned, Sanam’s designs were the most original on the runway through out the week and the level of intricate detail in her work was jaw dropping. I loved the layering and those wide legged trousers with the resham rope belts in contrasting colours were to die for!


34Jafferjees 41Jafferjees 31Jafferjees 19Jafferjees

As far as wear-ability is concerned when it comes to my own, personal sense of style – Jefferjee’s won it for me. Heavily influenced by the swinging seventies, there was a lot of fringing and eye popping colour combinations – I wanted it all!

ZAHEER ABBAS 10ZaheerAbbas 21ZaheerAbbas 48ZaheerAbbas 41ZaheerAbbas19ZaheerAbbas 37ZaheerAbbas53ZaheerAbbas

I really really liked every one of Zaheer Abbas’s designs, definitely one of the strongest collections of the week. An all white palette featured organza layering, stunning embroidery and a couple of vivid prints – Abbas demonstrated a range of silhouettes executed to sheer perfection.


02GulAhmed03GulAhmed28GulAhmed 35GulAhmed

Gul Ahmed was the dark horse of the week for me. I don’t know why.. but I just wasn’t expecting much from the collection – maybe because till that point, my only knowledge of Gul Ahmed was that they sold ‘middle of the range’ lawn, a conclusion I had perhaps come to on a trip to Pakistan many a years ago. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with their collection. White was definitely all over the runway but the gold embellishments and dreamy silhouettes were a winning combination.


03FahadHussayn 04FahadHussayn 10FahadHussayn 22FahadHussayn 25FahadHussayn 49FahadHussayn

Now, on to the finale of the night plus what I would consider to be my favorite collection of the entire week. I was blown away by Fahad Hussayn’s work. I’ll throw my hands up and fess up right now that I had no knowledge of his previous work or collections, which is why I took no notice of the disappointment of some of the other frower’s, who told me that this collection was far too similar to a previous one. Whatever the case, it was all brand spanking new to my eyes and I fell more and more in love with every design that came sauntering down the runway. The drama, the detail, the colours – everything was on point. I suppose my only negative would be that certain pieces from the collection did really remind me of Balmain – a sentiment that was shared by several of my instagram followers when I posted up a picture of Fahad’s work, but where the lines of inspiration end and those of imitation begin is a blurred one in this market. Aside from that, I really really loved it.

Sorry it was a such a long post guys.. but I wanted to do justice to all the great collections I saw that night!

Day 3 coming up tomorrow so I’ll catch you then!

As always.. thanks for reading!



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  1. Michelle Joseph
    April 7, 2015 at 11:00 pm (5 years ago)

    As soon as I saw the last collection, I immediately thought ‘Balmain’. Then I read on and that’s what you said the collection reminded you of too lol.

    Love your blog. Your account of Pakistan Fashion Week has been very interesting to follow. :)


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