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Back to my TFPW posts today and this time it’s all about what went down on the penultimate day but obviously, before we get down to the shows lets take a quick look at my outfit.. you know the drill by now!

You know how I mentioned in my previous FPW post that as the days went on I had less and less photos of myself on my own camera? Well, this day was an epic fail on my part and I didn’t get a single click of my outfit on my cam so with my head hanging down in shame, I’m resorting to posting an Instagram photo of it instead. Hey, something’s better than nothing right?


I was sooo lucky to be able to wear a Sanam Chaudhri design hot off the ramp. I styled this beautiful flowing top with a pair of high waisted kick flares, an orange leather wristlet and an oversized fedora. I loved being able to incorporate such a stunning fusion piece into my own personal sense of style! Thank you to Sanam for letting me wear one of her gorgeous pieces.

Right, now back to the shows…

The designers showcasing on Day 3 were:

Body Focus
Somal Halepoto
Wardha Saleem
Al Karam



01BodyFocus 06BodyFocus 07BodyFocus 16BodyFocus 51BodyFocus 69BodyFocus 40BodyFocus 41BodyFocus

Day 3 opened strong with Body Focus’s “New Nomads” collection by Iman Ahmed. The styling was definitely the best I’d seen all week – Ahmed’s attention to detail was clearly apparent and the finish of her designs was superb. I know that sounds like a random thing to say but there were moments during the week where I saw models sauntering down the runway with unraveling threads hanging down their dresses and poor stitching clearly visible from the front row. That kind of shoddy workmanship is forgivable at a high school charity show but at the Fashion event of the season? Hell no.

Against a canvas of clean lines, draped organza and dreamy sillouttes, chunky statement cuffs, collars and chains really stood out. I was literally foaming at the mouth over that jewellery. Oh and can we just talk about that fringe? Oh. My. God. I would pretty much sell my soul for that piece. Haha – only joking.. I think. Anyway, a definite firm favorite from the week for me!

WARDHA SALEEM 02WardhaSaleem03WardhaSaleem 14WardhaSaleem 17WardhaSaleem 27WardhaSaleem 29WardhaSaleem 48WardhaSaleem 53WardhaSaleem 56WardhaSaleem

Next up on my highlights from the night is Wardha Saleem. Wardha’s colour palette for her “Lotus Song” collection completely won me over –  hues of pastel pink, sage green, peaches and ice blue brought together on a range of dresses, capes, jackets, sari’s and suits. Wardha used resham threads and gota which was worked into intricate patterns onto various fabrics. The work was incredibly detailed and looked absolutely beautiful. Now, gota use to be a word that I feared. I really despised gota and every time I thought of it I only imagined gaudy, over the top wedding outfits that my mother use to force me to wear in my awkward teenage years to attend the marraige celebrations of people I didn’t even know (Desi girl problems). Luckily, Warda’s collection has kind of confronted that fear for me as I’ve seen gota in a completely different light and isn’t that what winning collections are all about? A fresh perspective or a different approach to what we already know. Her opening piece was my favorite and if you kept track of my outfits on Instagram, you’ll know I was lucky enough to wear it on Day 4!

There was other moments from the night that were high’s but based more on the celebrity appearance factor or the drama factor – YBQ’s ode to Sufism was beautiful to watch on the runway and a big moment on the night.


So.. My next post will obviously be my last FPW post and it will go live a day before I fly back to London – already expecting it to be a bittersweet moment when I hit that publish button! I’m also going to be rounding up my best dressed from the Red Carpet and getting down to the nitty gritty of what I liked and really disliked about the differences between Pakistan and London when it comes to Fashion Week.

I’ve had a really busy but amazing time here so far and I’m so amazed and humbled by all the support I’ve gotten here in Pakistan! Thank you to all of you for all your kind words and good vibes..

Thank you for reading lovelies.. until the next post!



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