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Bright Lights


Happy Bank Holiday Monday all! After a much needed post “Chief Funster” break from all social media platforms, I am back.. and just in time to catch some serious rays.

I’ve been after a decent white blazer for a while, but had trouble finding one that didn’t completely drown out my petite frame OR was far too fitted. The other week I managed to find one in Topshop which was peerrrfect and didn’t break the bank either.


White Blazer, TOPSHOP – £50,  Jacquard Cigarette Trousers, TOPSHOP– £40, White Pointed Court Shoes, New Look – £17.99,  Chiffon Racerback Top, Forever 21 – £8.75, Envelope Clutch, c/o Sunita Mukhi, Necklace c/o Forever 21

I am OBSESSED with these cigarette trousers.. the detail of the embroidery is stunning and the colour is an obvious favourite of mine and great for summer! I teamed them up with a neon yellow tank, white blazer and pointed court shoes to bring the outfit together and added on a gorgeous envelope clutch by Sunita Mukhi and a necklace to add on a bit of sparkle!

Considering that 90% of my wardrobe is black I think I am making steady progress in my attempt to shake things up a bit and try different looks.. well, atleast I’d like to think so :)

Hope everyone is having a smashing long weekend and got the chance to soak up some rays!

That’s all for today Londonistas!

Thanks for reading.. Until the next post!


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It’s the Final Countdown..


So, that time is nearly here.. Tomorrow morning, at around 8.30am BST & 6.30pm AEST, Tourism Australia would have or will be getting ready to announce the Finalists for the Best Jobs in the World campaign.

I’m pretty certain that at this point, my fate is already sealed.. But I can’t help but want to revel over the last month or so and smile at the truly amazing experience courtesy of the great Land Down Under.

It seems like just yesterday that I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, realised that the Best Jobs campaign was back for a second time and decided to apply. I spent the next day filming and editing my application video with the help of one of my best friends, Shivani and my Aussie partner in crime, Matt and without telling anyone, submitted a 30 second clip which would result in one of the best experiences of my life.

Irrespective of the outcome, a huge thank you to Andrew McEvoy & Tourism Australia for this truly amazing opportunity and like many other potential Chief Funsters have said, win or lose we will ALL be planning to make it down to Australia one day!

Friends and family, I’ve said it before but I could say it a thousand times again and it still wouldn’t be enough – Thank you for the love and support over the last few weeks. It meant the world <3

Coincidentally, I’ll find out tomorrow morning just as I’m settling into a new role – My very first day! So, if I don’t happen to get through and am not replying to phone calls, texts, tweets or messages, it’s not because I’m sobbing uncontrollably into a tub of ice cream (hopefully) but will probably just be in the middle of training! On the same note, if I do make it into the magical 3 and don’t reply to your messages.. It will most likely be because I fainted.

I doubt I will sleep tonight but if I do, I’ll be dreaming of you Australia!
Until tomorrow..


Photo on 08-04-2014

P.S I’ll leave you with this song, since it has been playing on repeat in my mind over the last 48 hours..

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Counting down to Australia..


G’day Londonistas..

With the announcement of the Chief Funster Finalists fast approaching, I’ve got Australia on the brain. I’m having trouble sleeping, listening to the likes of Pendulum, Bee Gees, Savage Garden & Gotye on repeat (Yes, I know, an incredibly random mix but all have Aussie connections somewhow) and constantly pacing up and down my room.

At this stage, the anxiety is catching on.. You can’t help but think “What if I did things differently”? The If’s, But’s and Maybe’s start to creep in and you have to remind yourself inspite of some of it being based on luck and circumstances, you gave it your best shot and that’s what you should be happy with.

Even after my campaigning techincally ended last Wednesday, I’ve continued to recieve relentless support from my #TeamShay-sters and even a fellow contestant! Every day I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful and loved – so thank you! <3

Since I’ve clearly got a case of “Chief Funsteritus”, what better way to calm my nerves than to dig into some Aussie grub? Literally, feed my anxiety..

IMG_9947-001 IMG_9960-002

SydneySide Beef Burger, topped with jalapenos, roasted red peppers, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, red onion and cool sour cream, served with fries and onion rings – £6.65

I’ve been a big fan of the Walkabout chain for a good few years now. I have one too many memories of busting a few (awkward) shapes on the dance floor at thier Shepherds Bush venue but that is an entirely different blog post. The Walkie is known for its friendly regulars, promise of a good time but I’d never really focused on thier food before.

The menu offers what you’d expect of the venue; Honest Aussie Grub. Expect to find All-Day brekkies, Steak pies, Chicken Parmigiana, a range of Sarnies and Bonzo Burgers!

I opted for a SydneySide burger.. for OBVIOUS reasons.. it is the dream destination after all. The combination of the jalapenos and roasted red peppers gave the beef patty an extra kick, which was well cooked and still moist. The burger is served with fries and onion rings and considering you get all that for £6.65, I’d say that’s pretty good bang for your buck..

Apart from the decent grub, The Walkie is an awesome place to hang out to watch a football game, to catch a quick pint with friends at or to let your hair down at the weekend. Every Saturday and Sunday all thier venues are BUZZING with locals and antipodeans alike, getting thier party on to classic rock anthems and cheesy pop. If you fancy a taste of the land down under in London, why not pop in?

Check out a list of their venues here.

That’s all for tonight my Londonistas..

Hope you’ll keep your fingers crossed for me over the next few days!

Thanks for reading.. Until the next post!


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Can’t Hold Us..


Good Evening Londonistas..

As promised, I thought I’d do a quick outfit post today. I have literally wanted to blog about this dress FOREVER, but never got round to wearing it. Yesterday, I had it on while I was filming my Chief Funster Submission video and decided to get a few snaps taken so I could share this fabulous bargain with you guys..

DPP_0006-002DPP_0008-003 DPP_0010-001

Baroque Print Dress, Topshop Outlet – £7,  Black tights – c/o Henry Holland, Black wedge booties, New Look – £19.99

I absolutely love this dress.. and for £7, it was an absolute steal! It’s a very light material which is perfect for the current confused spring weather we are experiencing and the combination of black, white, pale blue and purple is both unique and eye catching. I paired the bodycon dress up with some Henry Holland tights and some black wedge booties to make the colours of the dress pop even more.

If you visit my blog on a regular basis, you’ll have noticed that Topshop Outlet tends to make a regular appearance.. It is SUCH a bargain haven!

So.. what did you guys think? A fab find for £7.. yay or nay?


Two posts in one day, that’s a first! Told you I was going to try and catch up.. ;)

That’s all for tonight Londonistas..

Thanks for reading.. Until the next post!


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