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Hello my loves! Finally, after 3 days of being unable to leave my bed, I have started to feel human again. The fever is gone and my voice is almmooost completely back – I guess I just needed some good and proper rest.. and I certainly got lots of that. Thank you to everyone who sent me get well soon messages and well wishes!

IMG_7987IMG_7863IMG_7875IMG_7973-001IMG_7967IMG_8061IMG_8051Photos: Toni Tran

Some of you may have seen on Instagram that last weekend I had the immense pleasure of experiencing Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas – the world’s 3rd largest cruise ship, before it opened to the public on the 20th of April. What an experience. I’m embarrassed to admit that having never been on a cruise before, I had quite the stereotypical views of what to expect of one – a lot of old people and cheesy entertainment. Well, my oh my was I in for a total surprise. Anthem of the Seas completely blew me away – I don’t even know where to begin with explaining how incredible it was. Less cruise ship and more space ship with some of its jaw dropping features, Royal Caribbean have successfully created an experience that fits in so perfectly with our tech savvy generation today. It literally was a glimpse into holidays in the future. I’ll get more into the deets of my experience in my next post.. but for now, here’s a quick look at what I wore on my first day on the ship.

Undoubtedly excited and perhaps a little over enthusiastic about donning an ensemble fit for the sea, I went all out with the nautical theme on the first day. I teamed a pair of wide leg striped trousers from Zara, complete with rope belt with a halter neck top also from Zara. I added a gorgeous straw hat from H&M and a pair over oversized mirrored aviators from FINEST SEVEN to accessorise and slipped on a pair of cleated black sandals. To add a pop of colour to the whole look, I grabbed my yellow cross body bag from Forever 21. Of course, as soon as I stepped out onto the pool deck I was almost literally blown away (Didn’t think my outfit choices through) but you know how it is… fashion over function, ay ladies? :)

I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend and are having a great start to the week so far.. Lots of love to you all!

 As always, thanks for reading.. until the next post!





51ShamaeelAnsariHey guys! So I know it’s been a red hot minute in between my last TFPW post and this one.. and the truth is that while I have been INSANELY busy since I stepped off the plane last week – I am currently sick in bed at home, unable to speak and nursing a fever of over a hundred.. I think being constantly on the go finally got the better of me. Anyway, enough with the sob story! Let’s get down to business.. but before I get down to that let’s have a look at my outfit for the day and then of course, my highlights from the runway on the final day of shows.


You know how when people are expecting you to do something you change it up? That’s what happened on the last day with what I wore. Day after day my fedora’s got bigger and on the last day, when people were expecting me to show up with another hat so they could roll their eyes (which some did), I swapped my dark colour palette with shades of blue, yellow and pinks! Helllooooo Spring.

I wore peg leg trousers with a neon yellow top and a STUNNING jacket hot off the ramp from Wardha Saleem’s Lotus Song collection. I kept my accessories to a minimal as always, tied my hair back and grabbed my DVF mini bag and added some nude heels to finish the look off. A super girly look in comparison to my usual but I totally loved it!

Right, now on to the shows..

Shows on Day 4 were:




08ZaraShahjehan 24ZaraShahjehan 33ZaraShahjehan 04ZaraShahjehan 14ZaraShahjehan

Shahjahan’s collection was a personal favorite of mine from the week since it was one of the most wearable one’s for me when taking my own sense of style into consideration. Combining florals with traditional embroidery and incorporating the seventies both in her designs and styling, the relatively young designers collection had me seriously lusting in the frow!


19DeepakPerwani 07DeepakPerwani22DeepakPerwani(1) 35DeepakPerwani 43DeepakPerwani

Strong seventies vibes also featured in Perwani’s collection but think more ‘Studio 54′ than ‘Woodstock’. Silk skirts, embellished jackets and funky prints presented a strong sense of vintage glamour and wowed the crowd on the night.


01ShamaeelAnsari06ShamaeelAnsari 17ShamaeelAnsari 40ShamaeelAnsari21ShamaeelAnsari 31ShamaeelAnsari44ShamaeelAnsari

TFPW closed on a total high with a stunning collection from Shamaeel Ansari. Her designs exuded pure decadence – every silhouette, every intricate detail was sheer perfection. Ansari incorporated history into her collection and combining that with a stunning colour palette and beautiful cuts resulted in a jaw dropping finale to a fantastic week.

Best Dressed

In a sea of ball skirts and bling it was easy to spot someone who dared to be different. Every season during LFW at Somerset House, the street style is undoubtedly the highlight for many and yes, while you do spot some outrageously dressed people, it’s part of the fun! Fashion week is the ultimate moment to make a statement, to show the world your personal sense of style and to be at the forefront of showing the masses how to incorporate upcoming trends into your wardrobe. I saw pretty much none of that. Almost everyone played it safe and there was about as much originality as a factory line up. Like I mentioned in my first post, everyone looked fabulous – operative word being fabulous, not fashionable. But with that said, the few that did get it right, oh they got is so so right..


Aside from the fact that meeting Anber and her sister Marya was a highlight of the week for me as they are two of the nicest, most down to earth girls I’ve ever met, I had been following Anber on my Instagram account for some time and I’m so pleased to say that the girl lives up to the hype – and then some! Anber managed to balance out the drama factor needed on PFW’s red carpet while still working the seasons hottest trends. Day after day, Anber nailed her red carpet looks, sticking two metaphorical fingers up at dressing up like she was heading to her high school prom – good on you girl! It’s also worth noting that her sister, Marya also completely nailed it, rocking 70’s glamour to sheer perfection. Check 2 of Anber’s looks from the week below and you can follow Anber on instagram for more of her seasonal savvy looks here.


I’ve spoken about my fan girl fever for Sanam in a post before and her red carpet attire definitely contributed to me ending up in the SC club. Sanam has a signature style and while I’d only known her for about 5 mins before seeing her on the red carpet on Day 1, I knew immediately that this glorious woman always incorporates her own individual sense of style into everything she wears. Sanam dresses every so elegantly and like Anber, managed to stay true to herself whilst nailing that drama factor needed for the PFW red carpet. Check out two of Sanam’s looks from the week below.. and can we just take a moment to appreciate those Palazzo pants btw? Oh and I should add they are her own designs!

_MG_5799_8334 KR__5134_5968


For those of you that have been following my blog for a while, it will be no surprise that this was a total introduction for me when it came to the Pakistani Fashion scene, the designers and most of the people I met during my trip and I have to say that I feel like I’ve been missing out.. For the most part, the designs completely surpassed my expectations and (most of) the people I met were so incredibly nice and welcoming. Shout out to the Fashion Council and Latitude for not only looking after me so well and for having me there in the first place but for also putting together such an incredible event.

I did promise you guys that I would do a post on the dark side of the industry that I picked up – which I will, I am still doing my research as I want to get my facts straight before throwing my 2 pence in onto the interwebs. :)

Everything has been such a blur the last month but I am so grateful for the experiences.. can’t wait to show you guys what I have been up to over the last couple of days!

Thanks for reading my loves.. until the next post!





Hello my loves..

Back to my TFPW posts today and this time it’s all about what went down on the penultimate day but obviously, before we get down to the shows lets take a quick look at my outfit.. you know the drill by now!

You know how I mentioned in my previous FPW post that as the days went on I had less and less photos of myself on my own camera? Well, this day was an epic fail on my part and I didn’t get a single click of my outfit on my cam so with my head hanging down in shame, I’m resorting to posting an Instagram photo of it instead. Hey, something’s better than nothing right?


I was sooo lucky to be able to wear a Sanam Chaudhri design hot off the ramp. I styled this beautiful flowing top with a pair of high waisted kick flares, an orange leather wristlet and an oversized fedora. I loved being able to incorporate such a stunning fusion piece into my own personal sense of style! Thank you to Sanam for letting me wear one of her gorgeous pieces.

Right, now back to the shows…

The designers showcasing on Day 3 were:

Body Focus
Somal Halepoto
Wardha Saleem
Al Karam



01BodyFocus 06BodyFocus 07BodyFocus 16BodyFocus 51BodyFocus 69BodyFocus 40BodyFocus 41BodyFocus

Day 3 opened strong with Body Focus’s “New Nomads” collection by Iman Ahmed. The styling was definitely the best I’d seen all week – Ahmed’s attention to detail was clearly apparent and the finish of her designs was superb. I know that sounds like a random thing to say but there were moments during the week where I saw models sauntering down the runway with unraveling threads hanging down their dresses and poor stitching clearly visible from the front row. That kind of shoddy workmanship is forgivable at a high school charity show but at the Fashion event of the season? Hell no.

Against a canvas of clean lines, draped organza and dreamy sillouttes, chunky statement cuffs, collars and chains really stood out. I was literally foaming at the mouth over that jewellery. Oh and can we just talk about that fringe? Oh. My. God. I would pretty much sell my soul for that piece. Haha – only joking.. I think. Anyway, a definite firm favorite from the week for me!

WARDHA SALEEM 02WardhaSaleem03WardhaSaleem 14WardhaSaleem 17WardhaSaleem 27WardhaSaleem 29WardhaSaleem 48WardhaSaleem 53WardhaSaleem 56WardhaSaleem

Next up on my highlights from the night is Wardha Saleem. Wardha’s colour palette for her “Lotus Song” collection completely won me over –  hues of pastel pink, sage green, peaches and ice blue brought together on a range of dresses, capes, jackets, sari’s and suits. Wardha used resham threads and gota which was worked into intricate patterns onto various fabrics. The work was incredibly detailed and looked absolutely beautiful. Now, gota use to be a word that I feared. I really despised gota and every time I thought of it I only imagined gaudy, over the top wedding outfits that my mother use to force me to wear in my awkward teenage years to attend the marraige celebrations of people I didn’t even know (Desi girl problems). Luckily, Warda’s collection has kind of confronted that fear for me as I’ve seen gota in a completely different light and isn’t that what winning collections are all about? A fresh perspective or a different approach to what we already know. Her opening piece was my favorite and if you kept track of my outfits on Instagram, you’ll know I was lucky enough to wear it on Day 4!

There was other moments from the night that were high’s but based more on the celebrity appearance factor or the drama factor – YBQ’s ode to Sufism was beautiful to watch on the runway and a big moment on the night.


So.. My next post will obviously be my last FPW post and it will go live a day before I fly back to London – already expecting it to be a bittersweet moment when I hit that publish button! I’m also going to be rounding up my best dressed from the Red Carpet and getting down to the nitty gritty of what I liked and really disliked about the differences between Pakistan and London when it comes to Fashion Week.

I’ve had a really busy but amazing time here so far and I’m so amazed and humbled by all the support I’ve gotten here in Pakistan! Thank you to all of you for all your kind words and good vibes..

Thank you for reading lovelies.. until the next post!




AW4A1389With all the FPW posts coming your way, I thought I’d change it up before giving you guys the low down on days 3 and 4 with a quick style post. A real simple ensemble today.. which is just what the doctored ordered after all the fringe, flares and floppy hats I’ve been adorning recently..

AW4A1405-001AW4A1416 AW4A1384-001AW4A1410AW4A1435

Before we get to anything else, let me just point out that I am totally aware that I am in desperate need of a haircut – it’s not that I am going for the unkept, unruly look these days or anything, I am itching to get my hair cut but since I want to donate it, I have to wait till I am back in good ol’ London. Yes, that does mean that I will be getting rid of a lot of the length. *SHOCK HORROR SURPRISE* hehe.

Anyway, back to today’s look. I’m ashamed to say that I actually received this jumpsuit quite some time ago.. and I loved it so much that I saved it for a special trip but that trip ended up falling through for various reasons and my beautiful jumpsuit remained tucked away in my cupboard until I stumbled across it a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it all over again.

These days, jumpsuits are the new LBD’s and this bohemian one from LA based brand Lace & Whiskey is perfect for festival season. It’s flattering, comfortable and perfect to dress up or down with the right accessories. For this look I kept everything pretty simple. I added a statement necklace, a single black cuff and a pair of bright Guiseppe Zanotti’s for a splash of colour. I grabbed my current favorite mini bag and parted my hair right down the centre for a sleek look.. and that’s it!

I’m going to love you and leave you tonight as I have a suppperr early start tomorrow morning. I can’t tell you guys how chuffed I am with all the love I’ve been getting in Pakistan – I had no idea people would even remotely know about my blog here and the great feedback I’ve been getting from people has just been mind blowing. Thank you for the good vibes and mad love – I really appreciate it :)

As always, thank you for reading.. Until the next post!




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