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Spring Fling..


Happy Wednesday to you all Londonistas!

Let me start off by apologising for taking SUCH a long break from updating this here blog.. but lots of exciting things have been on the horizon.. I won’t say much just yet but here’s a hint; Keep an eye out for me on your TV screens and newspapers! ;)

Now from what you have seen so far and what those close to me are FULLY aware of.. I’m a black on black kind of girl. My wardrobe is full of basic blacks and I tend to accessorise with a splash of colour but this season I’ve decided to branch out a little and give my wardrobe a colourful revamp.

It was another beautiful day here today in London.. & you know what us Brits are like.. a hint of sunshine and the clothes are off! Check out my FIRST spring fling outfit from today..

IMG_8117-003IMG_8118-001IMG_8136-001IMG_8109-001 IMG_8099-001IMG_8132-001IMG_8121-001IMG_8114-001IMG_8117-001

Floral Crop Pants, Forever 21 – £18.75,  Shirt, Massimo Dutti– £54.95, Coral Pointed Kitten Heel, H&M – £7,  Block Party Bag, Nasty Gal – £32.16, Necklace, Next£10

I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with these crop pants when I saw them.. They are SO perfect for spring/summer and at under 20 quid a total bargain! I matched them up with some coral kitten heels I picked up in a H&M sale, a few neon accessories and my beloved bloc party bag. I kept the shirt plain since with all the splashes of colour everywhere else I didn’t want to over do it!

Leaving my house this morning, I was a little apprehensive to be pretty much radioactive in the colour department but the amount of compliments I recieved from strangers today has totally convinced me that it’s good to change up your look from time to time.. Life’s too short to play it safe after all.. :)

Oh and a HUGE thank you to MR. BOOM himself, Toni Tran from Fashitects for taking these snaps for me. He and V.A from Chopstick Panorama are by far two of the most amazing, inspiring people I have met in a long time. If you don’t know, get to know.. :)

That’s all for tonight Londonistas!

Thanks for reading.. Until the next post!


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Colour me Gothic..


Happy Saturday Londonistas! I thought I’d do a style post today as it’s been a wee while since my last one.

I think any sort of outfit can make much more of a dramatic statement with the addition of one simple accessory – be it a statement piece of jewelry, shoes or, in my case today, a lipstick.

I don’t wear lipstick much.. Vaseline and Carmex is what my lips pucker up to on most occasions but today I decided my outfit called for something a little more daring..


Studded Denim Jacket, Topshop Outlet – £15 (Similar Here!), Crochet Skull Top, BullFrogs Boutique – £16.99 (Similar Here for £11.99!), Disco Pants, American Apparel – £74, Black Platform Boots, Topshop Outlet – £25

Even though we are technically in Spring now, true to English weather it is still absolutely freeeeezing – so the denim jack did have a fairly thick hoody go under it shortly after these photos were taken. I absolutely love the crotchet skull top which I found in a small boutique in Clapham two years ago and I teamed it up with my trusty Disco Pants. The shoes reminded me of Jeffery Campbell’s Lita and even though I purchased them a while ago, I haven’t really gotten much wear out of them but thought the wooden heel would compliment the rest of my outfit today. I wear them unzipped and folded over at the top since fully done up, they make my already skinny ankles look non existent. Not bad for £25 though considering they were £75 to start off with. I pulled my hair back into a super high, super slicked back pony tail and braved it with a deep shade of blood red on my lips to finish it off.

So, what do you guys think – Does the addition of the lipstick make a difference to the look overall?


Well I guess that’s all for today Londonistas! Hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Thanks for reading.. Until the next post!


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A Touch of Sunshine..


Happy Saturday Londonistas!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend so far.. Despite the zero degree temperature, I must admit the little bit of sunshine definitely put a smile on my face today and more importantly, it was a perfect excuse for me to get my favorite floppy hat out again!

IMG_0008-003 IMG_0001-001IMG_9995-001IMG_0005-001IMG_0009-001IMG_9997-001IMG_9998-001IMG_0006-001IMG_0004-002IMG_0007-001

Grey felt floppy hat, c/o Ebay Fashion, Blue chiffon top, Primark – £5.99, Black Skinny Jeans, River Island – £35, Grey Snood, Topman sale– £10.00, OTKBs, Topshop Outlet – £25, Tribal Cuff, acquired on travels, Necklace, c/o Forever 21

I absolutely fell in love with this hat when I saw it at The Apartment last season, it is perfect for adding on a touch of glamour to any outfit in any season! Ebay Fashion is amazing isn’t it? Why spend a fortune when you can buy any brand or seasonal trend at a fraction of the price? I teamed up my Ebay beauty with a simple chiffon top I bought from Primark well over a year ago since I think Blue and Grey compliment each other really well, slipped on some skinnys, my trusty OTKB’s, a touch of jewelry and added a snood to finish it off (and to keep me from freezing..).

How did you all spend this fine, sort of sunny day we had today?

Well, that’s all from me for today.. Have a great weekend Londonistas! Until the next post!


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A Winter Wonder..


Every Autumn, I set out on a mission to find myself the PERFECT Black Coat for Winter.. Well, over the last five years, I have repeatedly failed this seemingly simple task. Why, you ask? Could it be because a lot of High Street stores don’t seem to cater elegant black coats for my shape and size? No, it’s not that. Is it because good coats in small sizes sell out faster than a Jimmy Choo for H&M/Target/Asda collection? Not entirely. Is it because I have the attention span of a gold fish and am distracted by anything shiny? Yes, that’s exactly it..

Unfortunately, every time I set out to buy a sensible coat I end up coming home with something completely impractical and physically incapable of keeping me even remotely warm.. and every time I tell myself “Next year, I will be smart and buy something sensible..”. This year, I was determined to find what I have been after for a very,very long time. So Autumn came along and I set out onto Windsor high street, nipping in and out of every retailer until I walked into Zara and there it was in front me; The PERFECT black coat. It was the perfect length, a lush material, beautifully tailored and within my budget. Did I buy it? Did I heck! I bought the Beige Quilted Trench Coat that was hung next to it!


Quilted Trench Coat, Zara – £119 (Now £29.99!), Animal Print Scarf, GAP– £19.95, Black Skinny Jeans, Old Navy – £12.86, Black Lleather Shopper, BullFrogs – £26.99, Faux Fur Hat, Winter Markets – £25, Tan Leather Gloves, Winter Markets –  £6.99, Black Racer back Vest, H&M –  £4.99, Brown Slouchy Boots, TK MAXX –  £19.99 (OLD)

 Does it keep me warm? Not really.. but I still absolutely love it. The detailing in the shoulders and the buttons along with the feel and look of the material made it look a lot more expensive than the 120 quid I paid for it. It was a no brainer, my black coat would have to wait till next year!

Since it’s purchase I actually didn’t get to wear it that much since it just wasn’t practical and I didn’t really fancy freezing to death but the other day I decided to bust it out on a trip round town. I tend to wear a lot of black and jazz up my outfits with various accessories. I teamed my black skinnies with a plain back vest and cardigan and then added on the hat which has a hint of brown in the white fur, which went well with the gloves and boots! My new neon green and brown scarf from GAP was the perfect accessory to add on a splash of colour!

Apart from milling around the Tate and getting a bit of retail therapy done, I also stepped into Wagamama’s to continue my journey of trying to find something tastier on their menu than the heavenly Chicken Katsu Curry. I had a a chilli beef ramen noodle dish and we ordered the katsu curry as well because it wouldn’t make sense to not have it on the table. While the beef was tender and the broth was flavoursum.. the Katsu Curry kicked it’s ass like you wouldn’t believe. I still have a fair few dishes to get through on the menu though.. so who knows.. maybe next time.

IMG_9915-1 IMG_9905-1IMG_9911-1  IMG_9911-2IMG_9900-1

So, I guess I will leave it there for today. Thanks for reading Londonistas!

Until the next post!


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