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Requiem for a Dream..


Just a simple OOTD post today Londonistas, since it was either that or posting photos from the cross dressing party.. and I have no real reason to want to scar any of you for the rest of your lives, so I thought it best not to.

I thought I’d do a post focusing on how to make over the knee boots (OTKB’s) look classy as opposed to looking like you’re ready to walk a street corner. A few of my friends have mentioned to me that they are hesitant to buy OTKB’s since they’re not sure how to wear them on a day to day basis. With boots of that length, I think it really comes down to the details. If you’re going to get them in leather then aim to get ones that are slightly slouchy in their fit as apposed to extremely fitted ones. Go for a rounded or square toe instead of a pointed toe so that you don’t end up looking like you’re auditioning for a role as the Wicked Witch of the West. Oh and for the love of Batman don’t ever buy patent leather boots unless you are Julia Roberts’ body double in Pretty Woman.

These particular boots I found in none other than a Topshop outlet store for a mere £25. I absolutely adore them.. the fit, the size of the heel, the material and above all how comfortable they are. I often get complimented on how good they look and no one believes me when I tell them how much I bought them for!

IMG_9858-1IMG_9878-1IMG_9853-3IMG_9870-1IMG_9877-1 IMG_9875-1IMG_9865-1 IMG_9867-1IMG_9846-1IMG_9851-1IMG_9853-1IMG_9871-1

OTKB’s, Topshop Outlet – £25, Shirt, Massimo Dutti– £54.95 Jeans, Topshop Outlet – £10, Jersey Blazer, Target – £19.77, Quilted Flap Bag, Chanel – £2,170, Printed Scarf, c/o Jahanaara

A big thank you to Matt Brajlih for taking these photos!

I teamed my boots up with a white shirt, a black jersey blazer and a beautiful printed scarf (worn as a bow) from UAE luxury brand Jahaanara. I added a splash of colour by wearing denim and obviously had to carry the Chanel to finish it off. ;)

So, did I manage to win you over? Classy or Trashy?

Thanks for reading!

Until the next post Londonistas!


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A Royal Viewing..


Who doesn’t love to dress up? I don’t really need a reason but the Oscars come in handy if you feel the urge to don a gown. As a self confessed movie buff, I LOVE the Academy Awards.. the combination of Fashion and Film is enough to have me sitting up at ungodly hours of the night dressed up to the nines (Just me? Ohhh K then..).

Anyway, on the weekend, I visited a few Charity shops in order to find something to wear to a Cross dressing poker party (Still.. don’t ask) and came across an absolute gem perfect for my Oscar night party of 1.

While on a hunt with my housemates for various goods to transform the girls into men and the guys into trannilicious women I spotted a glimmer of royal blue.. and it was love at first sight. In front of me were a dozen brand new Asos gowns, with tags, at blasphemous prices. How much did this beauty cost me, I hear you ask? *Drum roll please* A staggering… wait for it… £10! Yup.. a bank breaking 10 pounds. I’ve never had an issue with Charity shops.. since half of East London is dressed in “Vintage Clothing” which is actually still second hand goods, just at ridiculous prices.. but the fact that I found this brand new, with tags, unworn for a mere tenner made me a very happy bunny.
IMG_9829-2 IMG_9828-1IMG_9831-2IMG_9825-2IMG_9818-1IMG_9826-2IMG_9824-1 IMG_9819-1IMG_9834-1IMG_9832-1IMG_9831-1

I teamed the dress up with Gold Gladiator platforms I bought at a Topshop Outlet a year back and a Gold cuff I bought at Accessorize 3 or 4 years back. Since the backless dress, with it’s padded shoulders, makes enough of a statement, I didn’t feel the need to wear a lot of jewelry but IF I wore earrings I probably would have added those on to finish the look off.

Anyway, did you guys watch the Oscars? If so, did you dress up.. or am I completely on my own here? Haha.

Thanks for reading Londonistas!

Until the next post!


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Colour Me Neon..


Hey all!

So firstly, let me just apologize for the huuugggee gap since my last post. Working at The Apartment kept me hella busy combined with a fever of 102 and a resilient flu that insisted on hanging around throughout the duration of Fashion Week.  This season was a lot more intense than the last.. since the venture itself has expanded significantly since 6 months ago, so did the brands involved and consequently, the intensity of the work involved in running something like this. It was amazing though and I could not be happier for Abimarvel with all the success she has achieved and will undoubtedly continue to achieve in seasons to come. Check out the coverage Grazia did on the week here.

After a day of rest yesterday, today I caught up with a bucket load of incredibly unglamorous chores such as tidying up my room, wardrobe and laundry.. (Amazing, I know!). I threw together a simple ensemble which I thought ended up looking quite cool.IMG_9766-2IMG_9770-3 IMG_9772-2IMG_9765-1IMG_9767-1IMG_9771-1IMG_9790-1IMG_9789-2 IMG_9793-1IMG_9792-1 IMG_9787-1IMG_9791-1IMG_9766-1

Neon Yellow Jumper, c/o Forever 21, Black Peplum Dress (worn under), Topshop, Nike Trainers, Bought in Vegas, Watch, c/o Breo, Jewellery, c/o Claire’s Accessories

I was completely decked out in stuff I was given at The Apartment today.. The pull over is by Forever21 and I love the pleather detail along the arms. One of the most talked about things last week was the standard of jewelry provided by Claire’s. Every two seconds you would hear the words “I can’t believe this is Claire’s!!”. I absolutely loved the collection of spiked bracelets they had. I bought the trainers at a Nike Outlet late last year in Las Vegas.. I’ve worn them for actual running maybe once and instead wear them on a casual basis since I ADORE the unique colour combination. It perhaps wasn’t the most practical choice today since it was absolutely FREEZING.. I need to think this Fashion over Function business through next time.

I’ll leave it at that for tonight Londonistas.. since I need to go get ready for a cross dressing poker party now (Don’t ask)..

Until the next post!


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Starry Eyed

IMG_3178-1Good evening Londonistas.. Hope you are all having an amazing weekend. I, on the other hand, have been unable to leave my bed today since I’ve come down with a ghastly cold and have completely lost my voice. Here’s to hoping I get it back before LFW begins! Despite feeling like death warmed up, I did promise myself that leading up to LFW I would blog everyday.. So I’m just doing a little style post based on what I wore a few days back.


IMG_3156-1 IMG_3160-1 IMG_3167-1 IMG_3169-1 IMG_3179-1 IMG_3170-1 IMG_3165-1IMG_3166-1 IMG_3168-1

Purple Galaxy Leggings, BlackMilk Clothing – £48.98, White Skull Lita, Jeffery Campbell – £150, Studded Denim Crop Jacket, Topshop Outlet – £15, Galaxy Cross Top, New Look – £14.99

I absolutely ADORE BlackMilk clothing, every single time I have worn my purple galaxy leggings out I get a million questions as to where I got them from and how amazing they look. The Australian based brand don’t just have their amazing prints to boast about, all items are made in the country with locally sourced material. Not only that, the image printed on these bad boys is an actual image from NASA. BlackMilk is less of a brand and more of a cult – with devoted fans referring to themselves as sharkies. If you like making a statement with what you wear, have been living under a rock for the last couple of years and aren’t familiar with the brand as yet.. get clicking, you won’t regret it.

I normally team my leggings with an over sized black top, something similar to BlackMilk’s Judge 2.0 and plain black boots since the leggings make quite the statement by themselves.. but hey, I was feeling a little outlandish the other way so decide to go a bit OTT. The denim jacket I found in a Topshop outlet store down from 45 to 15, how could I say no? I often get asked about the Outlet store or if it’s any good so watch out for my post on it after Fashion Week.

Until the next post Londonistas!


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