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Hey guys! So.. as soo many of you have been kind enough to compliment me on my makeup on all my social media channels over the last couple of years, I’ve been wanting to branch out a little more into beauty posts.. and there’s no time like the present ay?

I think it’s safe to say that contouring was one of the big beauty hits of 2014. What was once a trick of the trade reserved for A-listers gracing the red carpets or models on the set of a photo shoot is now a part of many a makeup mavens’ daily routine. Would I contour everyday? Quite simply.. no. I don’t have the time for it nor could I cope with wearing that much makeup on a daily basis. Not that I have a problem with anyone who does but as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized the importance of letting my skin breathe to avoid breaking out – But while I wouldn’t include it in my daily routine, I DO love it. I tend to always contour my face a bit if I’m heading to an event where I know I’m going to be photographed, especially if it’s in the evening. Contouring is amazing for creating the illusion of a slimmer face, more prominent cheek bones and a smaller nose – consider it the photoshop of makeup!


I tend to use products by MAC when I contour but when Comedic beauty got in touch with me about trying out some products by LA Girl, I was completely on board. I’ve heard SO much about LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal tubes. Stateside beauty bloggers have been raving about these cheap and cheerful concealers and have repeatedly likened them to MAC’s pro longwear concealers but at half the price. The pro long wear concealers are pretty much my holy grail so the thought of being able to get the same affect at half the price had me gagging to try these beauties out. The photo’s below are from the first time I ever used them so I thought I would share my method of contouring and highligting with you guys at the same time! Let’s get started…


For the benefit of not having a bazillion photos included in this post, I’m starting from the point of where I’ve already done my base and eye makeup. I actually do my eye makeup before putting on my foundation as I work with loose pigment and it’s easier to clean up any excess that drops onto my cheeks with a makeup wipe and then put on my base. SO, after you’ve done your foundation, you’re going to want to get started on the highlighting – aim for a shade about 2/3 shades lighter than your own skin. If you’re a pro at blending, you can drop down another shade. I’m using the shade Creamy Beige.


You’re basically going to want to highlight any area that the light would naturally hit on your face – under the eyes, along your T zone so forehead, down the centre of your nose and on the centre of your chin. I also put a little on my smile lines and above my eyebrows.


Next – the countouring! You’ll need a shade about 2/3 times darker than your skin tone. I used ‘Beautiful Bronze‘. This is where you’re going to create the illusion of deeper shadows on your face so you’ll need to draw lines down your cheekbones, along your hairline and jawline. I also like to contour my nose to a) make it appear a little thinner and b) to straighten it a bit more, so I shade the sides of my nose and put a little product underneath it too.


You may look like your covered in war paint at this stage but it will look good I promise!

Now the fun part – the blending! I normally use my beauty blender, but seeing as we’re testing out cheaper alternatives, I used the drugstore equivalent – the real techniques miracle complexion sponge. You’ll want to dampen the sponge as it makes blending a whole load easier and gives you that airbrushed, seamless finish!


Using the pointed end of the sponge, start to blend the lighter shade into your skin. The motion you should be using is that of dabbing. Gently dab at an area of skin until the product appears to have been buffed into your skin.


Turn the sponge around and using the slanted end, blend the darker shade into the areas we highlighted. When blending a darker area into a highlighter area, turn the sponge back to the pointed side which will have some of the lighter product still on it and alternate between the two to help achieve a perfectly blended finish.


Once you’re done with your face, it should look a little something like this. I leave the line down the centre of my nose till the end as I like to blend that with my fingers – just to be more precise. Once you’re done, you’ll need to set the product with blotting or loose powders in the same shade. You can set the darker areas with bronzer if you don’t have a dark powder handy. IMG_0063

Once I was done with the contouring and highlighting, I used an LA Girl cosmetics endless lipliner in the shade ‘Natural‘ on my lips to complete the look.


VOILA! Can you see the difference?

I was REALLY impressed with the Pro Concealers from LA Girl cosmetics. They really are similar to the MAC pro long wear concealers and are FANTASTIC for contouring and highlighting due to their high level of coverage. The only downside I found was that they do dry a little quicker but all that means is that you either need to blend fast or just work a little bit more to get the product buffed into your skin. I think for the price that’s a TINY negative! They cost £3.99 at Comedic and come in 18 different shades. I have heard that you can get them for cheaper on a couple of other sites but every where I’ve checked, they’ve been out of stock whereas Comedic replenishes their stock quite regularly. The sponge from Real Techniques cost £5.99 and is available at all major drugstores. So all in all the 2 concealers and sponge cost £13.97 which is the same cost as one MAC concealer!!

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! If so, let me know and I’ll be sure to do more ‘HOW TO’ posts in the future.

Thanks for reading my lovelies.. until the next post!




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DISCLAIMER: I am not a makeup artist nor do I claim to be. The post above is based on my own opinions and what works for me.

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    Love this post! Def going to buy the LA girl concealers and try it too


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