It’s the Final Countdown..


So, that time is nearly here.. Tomorrow morning, at around 8.30am BST & 6.30pm AEST, Tourism Australia would have or will be getting ready to announce the Finalists for the Best Jobs in the World campaign.

I’m pretty certain that at this point, my fate is already sealed.. But I can’t help but want to revel over the last month or so and smile at the truly amazing experience courtesy of the great Land Down Under.

It seems like just yesterday that I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, realised that the Best Jobs campaign was back for a second time and decided to apply. I spent the next day filming and editing my application video with the help of one of my best friends, Shivani and my Aussie partner in crime, Matt and without telling anyone, submitted a 30 second clip which would result in one of the best experiences of my life.

Irrespective of the outcome, a huge thank you to Andrew McEvoy & Tourism Australia for this truly amazing opportunity and like many other potential Chief Funsters have said, win or lose we will ALL be planning to make it down to Australia one day!

Friends and family, I’ve said it before but I could say it a thousand times again and it still wouldn’t be enough – Thank you for the love and support over the last few weeks. It meant the world <3

Coincidentally, I’ll find out tomorrow morning just as I’m settling into a new role – My very first day! So, if I don’t happen to get through and am not replying to phone calls, texts, tweets or messages, it’s not because I’m sobbing uncontrollably into a tub of ice cream (hopefully) but will probably just be in the middle of training! On the same note, if I do make it into the magical 3 and don’t reply to your messages.. It will most likely be because I fainted.

I doubt I will sleep tonight but if I do, I’ll be dreaming of you Australia!
Until tomorrow..


Photo on 08-04-2014

P.S I’ll leave you with this song, since it has been playing on repeat in my mind over the last 48 hours..

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