Ahhh and another Monday is upon us, just like that. I can’t believe most of January has already flown by – does time just move a lot quicker as you get older?

Anyway.. today I just wanted to share a few pictures that we shot the other day when I was in the city, not for the outfit but more because I got the rare opportunity to shoot in front of Sydney’s iconic monuments without (what appears to be) a single soul around me.


Of course, in reality, I had a tonne people all around me as it was the middle of the day but with some excellent photography by Mr Londonite, we managed to get a couple of amazing shots.

The outfit itself for the day was a simple all black ensemble. My current favorite pair of black jeans from ASOS combined with a chiffon bardot top, some ‘barely there’ strappy black sandals, a black quilted bag and of course, the Quay ‘My Girl’ glasses for a pop of colour and some drama.

Today marks exactly two weeks until I start travels for 2016 and I am so excited – it’s been a couple of months since I was last on a plane and I have definitely been feeling the itch! <3

I hope you guys have an amazing start to the week.. until the next post!



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